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I people often ask me about colour choices for their outdoor areas. I have my own preferences of course but I wanted to hear it from an expert. I had a quick chat to Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour & Communications Manager to see what advice she has for outdoor spaces.

People seem to be favouring darker colours for exteriors right now. Do you think the trend is here to stay and can you name some top colour picks? 

We are seeing the trend for darker colours continuing for exteriors and this has been going for a number of years.  
Some of the top colours include Dulux Domino, Namadji, Oolong, Wayward Grey and Western Myall all in the greys, however we are also seeing some deep blues, such as Dulux Surf'n'dive, Snoop and Rainmaker. 
These darker colours tend to be schemed with neutral beige/greys.

Do darker exterior colours actually make your house hotter in summer?
Darker colours will absorb more light than lighter colours, therefore can absorb more heat. Whether they make your home hotter will depend on many factors such as insulation, etc.

What Colours/textures of paints would you recommend for a small courtyard area to make it feel larger? 

I would recommend lighter and cooler colours to enhance the feeling of space in a small courtyard area.  
Colours such as Dulux Silkwort, Timeless Grey, Grey Pail, Pre School Half, Sea Breeze Half, Pale Tendril, Medlar or Silver Grass. 

outdoor colour

What are popular colours for a “coastal” deck area? Any tips on where to apply colour to create this look?
Many people near the coast like to use natural colours that surround their area. Colours such as sandy and neutral hues, natural silver foliage and many variations of blues. Colours like Dulux Sandy Day, Self-Destruct, Beige Royal, Hog Bristle, Teahouse and Dieskau in the neutral range. Alongside natural colours such as Moorland, Still, Reef Resort, Sea Kelp and Surf'n'dive. 

Colour for Bedrooms

Image Credits - Bree Leech & Heather Nette King for Dulux Interior/Exterior Booklets. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

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