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Before I commit to any decorating or design project I always take the time to create a simple storyboard. This is something anyone can do and is a great way to compile ideas, pictures, samples and swatches and understand the feel you want for your space.


How to create a storyboard

1. Start by collecting pictures and ideas, these can come from magazines, catalogues, broachures and of course online.

2. Ask suppliers for swatches and samples. This is extreamly important if you are planning a kitchen or bathroom. It's worth buying a small sample of the various materials you'll be using to see how they work together.

3. Use white cardboard as a base. This will help to represent your colours more accurately. 

4. Arrange your swatches and samples to see how they all work together.

5. Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, play around until everything seems to fit and work together in harmony. Take out anything you’re unsure of and replaced these with something more suitable. 

Now that you have the look and feel you want for your room you will find the whole task is a lot less daunting and you can get underway a lot faster.




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