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There are so many ways to make a room look beautiful and feel good. One of the most important is colour. Most of us know colours we like and feel comfortable with but get confused when faced with endless choices of paints, fabrics and furnishings. 

There are no right or wrong colours, a lot of the decision making comes down to personal choice. Some combinations do of course work better than others but the best colour advice I can give is to figure out what colours and styles you love then work gradually applying them to your home as time and money allow. Magazines and websites such as Pinterest are a great source of inspiration.

choosing the right colours for your home Choosing the right colours for your home

Before you hit the paint or furniture store have an idea in your head of the direction you want to take your space. A great way to do this is to create a storyboard. Think about colours you like generally and group them into two categories. Body colours and Accent colours. Body colours should become your main backdrop and Accent colours can be used to punctuate the main body colour for excitement and interest. 

When choosing paint colours for a room sample pots are a must. The colours of a room never remain constant and can change though out the day. Getting sample pots and seeing the colour on YOUR wall in YOUR home over a period of a few days will give you a clear idea as to how you feel about the colour before you make the final decision. 

How to choose paint colours for your home - Tara Dennis How to choose paint colours for your home - Tara Dennis

Out of interest, the most popular colour in the Dulux range is Antique White USA followed by Hogs Bristle.

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