tara's studioTara's Studio

Welcome to my design studio! I receive so many emails from people wanting to see where I work so I thought I would show you (well the not too messy bits anyway)! Some of you may already have seen this backdrop as often I film stories for Better Homes & Gardens TV here. My very handy partner Martyn built this entirely for me - I'm so lucky - I know! I adore exposed rafters so you can see those overhead - these took a whole bucket of white paint, the timber was really thirsty. We arranged spotlights along the back wall. I love how they highlight my little treasures in the white pigeon hole shelf he built. It is of course a 'working' studio so it always changes. I add new fabrics as I'm creating, hang new pictures often, paint and sew stuff and 'try' things out as ideas before you often get to see them. Recently I re-painted the walls, they are now the same colour as my kitchen which is a firm favourite - it's called Tara's Bowl and is made by Murobond. I really love being here, it's very inspiring and very relaxing. It's a haven to escape to whenever I can!

I own a lovely book called 'Where Women Create' and it's filled with images of inspiring women and their design studios. As a creator too, I am fascinated with the types of things others collect - from their coloured pencils and paints, to story board scraps, favourite colours and tools. I'm always so happy tinkering about in my own studio and I can only imagine the pleasure others take too when surrounded by their favourite things. If you love to create just as much as I do, why not set up a little area just for you? I started small - a cupboard near my kitchen table and yes it's not so fun when you have to pack everything away and do dinner, but eventually you can work toward having a whole room like I do now. Here are a few pics of my favourite place to spend the day and some of my bits and pieces. Hope you enjoy taking a look around!